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Alastair Reid Affiliations

Our garages have always adopted a high standard or workmanship, to ensure you and your family are always as safe as possible while on the road. All of our work is undertaken to the strictest codes of practice used throughout the industry. Here is a brief summary of the schemes of which Alastair Reid Garages are members with links to further details.

Good Garage Scheme

The Good Garage Scheme is designed to bring you local independent garages you can trust to complete your car service competently. Every garage listed by the scheme performs services to a strict code of conduct and will always have your best interests at heart. The Good Garage Scheme members can carry out all your car servicing and car repairs during a vehicle's warranty period without invalidating warranty conditions. The scheme is run by the industry and everyone is dedicated to improving standards in the car service and car repair market, ensuring consumers get a fair deal.

You can find details of our Perth Garage here

You can find details of our Guildtown Garage here

Bosch Car Service

Bosch Car Service garages provide vehicle maintenance, repairs and diagnostics for all makes of vehicles. All garages guarantee a first-class service at an affordable price. The technicians at your local Bosch Car Service are trained on the latest technologies, to the highest standards and have the most up-to-date diagnostic equipment to pinpoint faults.

The Bosch Car Service network works to an Office of Fair Trading (OFT) approved Consumer Code of Practice. This commitment to customer care gives you peace of mind in knowing that you will receive only the best technical service and highest customer service standards. If you want affordability combined with the highest technical and customer service standards, then your local Bosch Car Service Garage is the place to go.

You can see details of Alastair Reid Garages on the Bosch Car Service Network here

Scottish Motor Traders Association

The SMTA has developed a code of conduct that ensure that all participating garages provide the highest standards to customers. The SMTA also ensures employees are given the best training available. The code of conduct adopted by all SMTA members ensure that;

Customers are cared for by ensuring all transactions are conducted not only in accordance with all statutory and common law requirements and practices, but also in accordance with the accepted practice of the trade for the time being. Further that members accept and abide by the Association’s Code of Practice or whatever Code of Practice is deemed by the Board to be that to which all members should adhere to and/or subscribe to. Finally, to ensure that all customer complaints must be referred speedily to management level and to introduce and maintain an effective system to implement this principle.

More details of the role of SMTA can be found on the website here

Motor Codes

Motor Codes was established by the Motor Industry to act as the self regulatory body for the automotive sector and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). Motor Codes is responsible for operating three automotive codes, the Motor Industry Code of Practice for New Cars and the Motor Industry Code of Practice for Service and Repair and the Motor Industry Code of Practice for Vehicle Warranty Products.

The Motor Industry Code of Practice for Service and Repair was launched to the public in August 2008. The first Motor Codes brand, the launch marked a major development in consumer protection in the automotive sector. With the support of the industry, government, Consumer Focus and Trading Standards, the Code has completed stage one of the OFT's Consumer Codes Approval Scheme and is now active in more than 5,000 garages across the country.

Details of Alastair Reid Garages through Motor Codes is available on the website here