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Meet the Team

Sandy Reid

Sandy is the second generation in the Reid Garage, taking over from his father and founder Alastair Reid. Working in the garage since schooldays, Sandy constantly strives to give a better service to all Customers. Enjoys football hence supports a real team Man United!






Val Reid

Has looked after the managing of the accounts, estimating and parts ordering for over 20 yrs. Val enjoys music and football, and that's why she doesn't support St Johnstone.








Mike Hendry

Joined Guildtown's team 19 yrs ago and is our longest serving member of staff. Anyone who knows Mike will know his unwavering support for the Perth Saints that takes him all over Britain, to exciting places like Forfar!









Douglas McLean

The latest team member joined the Guildtown team last year after managing garage services but he prefers a more hands on approach. Enjoys motor racing and anything with an engine.









Andrew McCormack

Has been an Auto Electrician since the early 1970's and has seen some changes in the industry! Joined Alastair Reid in 1994. Keen interests are rifle shooting, badminton, hill walking, and St. Johnstone football team.










Stewart Robb

Ran his own Bosch Garage for 20 yrs before joining the Alastair Reid team in Oct 2008, looking after operations in the Perth garage. A great fan of motor cycle racing.











AlastairHaving served his time in Glasgow with specialist servicing outlets focused on Mercedes, Land Rover and Renault, Alastair ran his own garage. He took the opportunity of working in Canada for a while before returning to the UK. Alastair brings wide experience of specialised servicing.