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Budget Plans

Exclusive To Alastair Reid Garages Customers

What is an Alastair Reid Budget Service plan?

Your vehicle should be serviced every year, at least once a year, depending on the mileage you cover. Vehicles over 3 years old must also have an MOT test completed every year. The cost of your vehicle service and MOT are known ahead of time. An Alastair Reid Garages Budget Service Plan enables you to spread the cost of your annual servicing and MOT in a simple monthly payment. Like so many things we are used to paying monthly for bills, utilities, phone, mobile, etc. Now your motoring costs can be spread evenly by regular monthly payments. Insurance and even road tax can now be paid monthly. So why not your annual service and MOT?

How does the Budget Service Plan work?

Alastair Reid Garages have teamed up with WMS warranties, the UKs leading motor warranty and budget plan supplier, to bring you this exclusive plan. WMS administer the Budget Plans totally independent of Alastair Reid Garages, ensuring your payments are held in a ring-fenced account and legally protected. So when its time to have your vehicle serviced then it's already paid for, just book in, have your service completed and drive away without the service bill. This can be a real bonus, especially if your service and MOT are due at busy times of the year like holidays or Christmas. What's more its inflation proof, you set the cost of your service and MOT at the start of the plan period, so even if service costs go up, you pay the same.

What if I decide to cancel or change my car?

Your can cancel your plan at any time and receive a refund of payments made, subject to administration costs. If you decide to change vehicle, then the plan can be transferred to the new vehicle and continue just as before. It is easy to change to the new vehicle when you decide to make a new purchase.

What are the benefits?

  • can be cancelled at any time
  • runs between 1-6 years
  • tailored to suit your requirements
  • money held in a safe ring-fenced account
  • enhances vehicles future value
  • can be transferred to another vehicle
  • budget on a monthly basis
  • no interest payments
  • inflation proof
  • fully written quotations 
  • What will it cost me?

Here ara few examples of how little it can cost.

Petrol Vehicles Up To 2000cc - Service Plan From £15.10/m inc VAT

Diesel Vehicles Up To 2000cc - Service Plan From £16.11/m inc VAT

Contact us on 01738 622416 for full details and a written quotation.